McMahon Ryan services focus on the victimized youth in Onondaga County, providing a path to healing that starts with the first interview to legal resolution and beyond. Each year, McMahon Ryan provides forensic investigations, advocacy, medical and mental health assistance to more than 1,000 victims of child abuse and human trafficking.

All these services are provided in one child-friendly space where our partner agencies collaborate in support of our mission to end child abuse in Onondaga County.

Forensic investigations offer a prompt, inter-agency response to gain knowledge and clarity about the child’s experience a single, sensitive, and non-leading interview of the child conducted by a specially-trained interviewer.

We then provide support, information, and referrals to help access needed services and to help families through the court process.

Medical assessment and consultation are provided by medical professionals specializing in services for child victims of abuse and exploitation. McMahon Ryan also offers crisis intervention, support, and referral to specialized counseling resources.

Prevention is an essential piece of our mission. Outreach and training increase public awareness and knowledge with the overall goal of eliminating child abuse and exploitation in our community.

Child Advocacy

Helping abused children and their families requires an approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and legal dimensions of abuse. And it requires a coordinated response from expert professionals to reduce stress throughout the investigation and intervention process. The MRCAC works in partnership with all the necessary agencies and specialists to coordinate a plan of action. […]

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Human Trafficking Services

McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center works with Onondaga County and other community-based, youth-serving agencies to increase awareness, identify victims, and provide comprehensive and victim-centered services to potential victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Commercial sexual exploitation occurs when anyone buys, trades, or sells sexual acts with a child. A commercial sex act is any sex act […]

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