Mobile Support Unit

The Mobile Support Unit is on a mission to keep the peace in our Syracuse communities that have been affected by violence. A joint initiative of the Street Addiction Institute and McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center, the Mobile Support Unit responds to help communities heal following traumatic events. Together, they mobilize care in the Syracuse community through emotional and psychological support as well as preventative education.

The Street Addiction Institute provides non-traditional prevention and intervention methods and approaches to address trauma specific to neighborhood conflict and street addictive behaviors for youth and young adults ages 12-25. The McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center has long united various caring professionals to provide support to children following traumatic events and serves in this role with the Mobile Support Unit.

Mobile Support Unit

As part of this collaboration, the Institute and Center work with the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office, which directs these organizations to where these essential services are needed.

This unique partnership is bound to build and maintain peace where it is needed most. It is a visible signal that there are people who care and repair fragile social fabric in various neighborhoods across the city of Syracuse.

When destructive events like gun violence or child abuse occur, the Mobile Support Unit will be there to provide care and comfort. This initiative is not a law enforcement program. There is no criminal investigation performed in the Mobile Support Unit, which is simply provided as a safe haven in communities where these healing services have not been available traditionally.

Let’s keep peace in the streets as we mobilize care in our communities together.