Our Staff

Colleen Merced baby head shot Colleen Merced head shot

Colleen Merced

Executive Director

Wendy Lansing baby head shot Wendy Lansing head shot

Wendy Lansing

Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Usherwood baby head shot Patricia Usherwood head shot

Patricia Usherwood

Development Specialist

Dana Walk head shot Dana Walk head shot

Dana Walk

Executive Assistant

Merideth Buza baby head shot Merideth Buza head shot

Merideth Buza

Data Entry Specialist

Theresa Curley baby head shot Theresa Curley head shot

Theresa Curley


Christine Larkin child head shot Christine Larkin head shot

Christine Larkin

Child Fatality Review Team Facilitator

Erin Yeager child head shot Erin Yeager head shot

Erin Yeager

Director of Advocacy

Essence Williams baby head shot Essence Williams head shot

Essence Williams

CSEC Victim Advocate

Danielle Bishop child head shot Danielle Bishop head shot

Danielle Bishop

Lead Victim Advocate

Ally Latour child head shot Ally Latour head shot

Ally Latour

Victim Advocate

Alysia Clary child head shot Alysia Clary head shot

Alysia Clary

Outreach & Education Specialist

Tebo Cossa child head shot Tebo Cossa head shot

Tebo Cossa

Victim Advocate

Maureen Foran-Mocete child head shot Maureen Foran-Mocete head shot

Maureen Foran-Mocete

Director of Outreach & Education

Lauren Penizotto baby head shot Lauren Penizotto head shot

Lauren Penizotto

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Derek Tefft baby head shot Derek Tefft head shot

Derek Tefft

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky child head shot Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky head shot

Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Danielle Pira child head shot Danielle Pira head shot

Danielle Pira

CSEC Victim Advocate

Nicole Earnshaw baby head shot Nicole Earnshaw head shot

Nicole Earnshaw

Victim Advocate

Samantha Ciciarelli child head shot Samantha Ciciarelli head shot

Samantha Ciciarelli

Victim Advocate

Our Board of Directors

The McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center is honored to have an active, engaged, volunteer Board of Directors, committed to achieving its mission of ending child abuse in our community.

Thomas McMahon Toshiba Business Solutions
John Harris M&T Bank
Mark Fuller United Radio, Inc
Joni Steigerwald C&S Engineers
Barry Weiss District Attorney’s Office
Travis Bort ABC Creative Group
Danielle Fogel Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann LLP
Kenneth Gardiner Dannible & McKee
Jack Hoppenstedt Onondaga County Probation
Stacey Hotaling ENV Insurance Agency
Laurie Liechty CPS Recruitment
Honora Marceau Course Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unite/SU Health Service Department
Nell McMahon Upstate University Hospital
Derrick Murry Syracuse Community Health Center, Inc
Dr. Mark Paciorek Paciorek Orthodontics
Nancy Premo Center State CEO
Elena Romano Owner of Romano Car Dealerships
Joseph Silino TIAA – Cref
Ryan Suser Bousquet Holstein
Jarrett Woodfork Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office
Desiree Castaldo PAC & Associates, Inc
Tracy DiGenova