Blow Away Child Abuse

Kids planting pinwheels

One way to “Go Blue 4 Kids” during April’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month is to “Blow Someone Away” at work or home to show your commitment to ending child abuse in Onondaga County.

Complete the form below and donate $100 to McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center and we will plant 50 blue pinwheels in the front yard of a relative, friend, neighbor or business along with a “You’ve Been Blown Away” sign.

Blowing Away can occur at any point during the month of April, or if you have a certain date in mind, (birthday, anniversary, baby shower, April Fool’s Day etc.) we will do our best to make it happen.

Blow Away Someone at the Office

Blown away article with pinwheels on wall

If you would like to blow someone away at work, we can do that too! Surprise someone at work by blowing them away and we will decorate their office door with a banner and pinwheels!

Why Pinwheels?

The blue pinwheel is a national symbol of child abuse and neglect prevention. It stands as an uplifting reminder that all children deserve a happy childhood and future. Each donation helps us end child abuse and neglect in Onondaga County.

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If you’d like to pay over the phone then call us at (315) 701-2985.
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