Carman Myers

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Hi! My name is Carman Myers, my good friend Colin McMahon informed me about this charity his family was involved in and I knew I had to be a part of this greater good being spread back into the world. I myself am a child abuse survivor, which is what initially sparked my interest in this charity event. My child abuse story began at a very early age, like most unfortunately. I, having been a child, had no where to turn to when abuse began to occur in my home. I knew what was happening inside and outside of my home was not acceptable, but I (like most of those abused) felt completely helpless and hopeless. Even at a young age, I could not comprehend how the people who are supposed to care for you, protect you, and love you the most could possibly put me, my siblings, or any other child through such awful pain or trauma.

Home was the worst place I could be growing up, I found anything and everything to keep me busy and away from my abusers, and eventually found relief through running. Running did not require anything other than a pair of shoes, and it got me out of the house for as long as I could run for. I recall at the age of 13 or 14, my biological mother became pregnant with my younger sister. The thought of my mother bringing another human into this world made me physically sick, I could not bare the idea of watching a younger sibling go through what me or my older siblings had been forced into, both mentally and physically. Luckily, my new found love for running managed to open new doors for me, doors I never imagined of. I had made the schools Cross Country and Track & Field team, where I met my amazing coach Robb Munro. Coach Munro has this ability to make those who feel less than nothing, feel on top of the world. He challenged me everyday to be not only a better athlete, but a better human. He helped instill the confidence I needed to then report my own biological mother to the school nurse, then a social worker, police officers, and eventually sat through a long court battle to have myself, and my siblings removed from her care. I became emancipated at the age of 14 (two years before the normal allowed emaciated age of 16). Being emancipated allowed me to have more freedom and more power in choosing who I would live with and who would provide and care for me, so I would not be stuck “in the system” or other abusive homes. Having lived through it, I want to be able to help those children who are currently feeling stuck, helpless and hopeless.

It breaks my heart knowing there are so many children and adults who have or had similar stories of growing up being abused. I firmly believe in the mission of the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center and their work to help children in our city and raise awareness for the most vulnerable and voiceless in our community. I am thrilled to be a part of #OverTheEdge4Kids and do my part to raise money for their cause! I encourage everyone to join me and do the same, if not by rappelling then by donating or volunteering.


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