Covid-19 Resources

Awareness of Child Abuse during a Global Pandemic

McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center serves over 1,500 children in our community annually who have been severely physically and sexually abused.  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, that has not changed.  Advocates, law enforcement, child welfare, medical and mental health professionals continue to work to help children receive the services they need.

We know that during this time of isolation, many children are in dangerous situations.  The very people who were their safety nets — school personnel, extended family, friends and neighbors — are no longer seeing them.  In many cases children are isolated with the very people who abuse them.  Families are stressed due to job loss, food and housing concerns, and juggling remote work and remote learning.  During times of crisis, statistics show that incidents of child abuse and exploitation increase.  Once this pandemic has passed, the Child Advocacy Center will undoubtedly see many more children who have endured the trauma of physical and sexual abuse.  We must prepare now to help our children.

Our best prevention is awareness.  Please spread the word that we as a community have a responsibility to keep children safe, especially now.  The resources listed below will help you and others to build that awareness.

Together, we can make a difference in our community and during this pandemic to help children and families who are struggling and stressed.  Working side by side we can help all children during this difficult time.



Talking to Kids About The Coronavirus

Supporting Kids During The COVID-19 Crisis

How to Nurture a Child’s Mental Health

APA Resource Guide for Parents & Teachers (and Professionals)

The Power of Positive Attention

Committee for Children – Body Safety

Protecting Kids’ Mental Health During the Pandemic 

Coping During COVID-19

Taking Protective Steps During the Coronavirus Pandemic –  D2L

Minimizing Opportunity During Coronavirus Quarantine – D2L

Tip Sheet for Parents on the Coronavirus – NCTSN

Kids & Youth

WCNY TV Classroom Network

Podcasts for Kids (Ages 2-6)

If You Can Name It You Can Tame It

A Terrible Thing Happened

Why We Stay Home, Suzy Learns About Coronavirus

Time To Come In Bear – A Book About Social Distancing

Activities for Kids

Child Help Hotline

Mindfulness for Youth and Families

Safety Plan Grades K-2

Safety Plan Grades 3-5

Love 146 Local Resource Guide for Youth


Internet Safety 

How to Tell Who Your Kid is Talking to Online

Online Safety Tips for Children, Youth, & Families

Online Exploitation in Youth During COVID-19

Online Safety for Kids and Families

ZOOM – Hacks, Hijinks, & Hazards

How to Talk to Teens About Dealing With Online Predators

Popular Social Media Sites Your Children Are Using

Screen Time Contracts

How to Prepare Kids for Online Classes


School Professionals

Google Chrome Web Browser Extensions for Assisted Learning

Mandated Reporter Information

How to Serve Students With Special Needs During COVID-19

How Schools Can Cope With Coronavirus

Equity Isn’t Just About Technology

Second Step COVID-19 Support and Resources

National Children’s Alliance #Prevention During COVID-19

Building Resilience During COVID-19

K-2 Learning Plans

Trauma-Sensitive Remote Learning: Connecting With Families

Tips for Communicating During Remote Learning

Mandated Reporter Tips

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook


Online Trainings

NYS Mandated Reporter Online Training

Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children Online Training

Common Sense Media Archived Trainings

Creating Trauma-Informed Environments for Children

Protecting Children During a Crisis

Virtual Home Visiting Best practices and Strategies for COVID-19

Zero Abuse Project Video Library

VAP Training Center – NYS Office of Victim Services


Additional Resource

Local Resources

Red Flags of Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking


Activities for Children to do at Home

Times are tough and being stuck inside can be difficult for many children. The internet has so many great, free resources to help entertain your children while they are home. Here are some ideas for you to try this week:

1) The Cincinnati Zoo is hosting a youtube series called Home Safari. These are educational videos to teach children about animals and their exhibits, they even include a fun quiz at the end! Find the videos here:

2) The Melissa and Doug Blog has a number of different printable activity sheets and crafts. Find these here:

3) Lake Shore Learning has over 1,000 different free resources for both teachers and parents. These include crafts, worksheets, word searches and much more. Find these here:…

4) Link to numerous ideas for toddlers.

5) A salt dough recipe to make Easter decorations and or any other decorations, make the dough, cut them out, bake them one day and paint them the next day and the next day, decorate with them..

6) Dancing, Yoga, and other physical activities for children.