Our Model


Before McMahon/Ryan

Before McMahon/Ryan existed, the system was doing more to harm, not help, child abuse victims. A child would have to tell the worst story of his or her life over and over again, to doctors, cops, lawyers, therapists, investigators, judges, and others. They would have to talk about that traumatic experience in a police station where they thought they might be in trouble, or might be asked the wrong questions by a well-meaning teacher or other adult that could hurt the case against the abuser.

At McMahon/Ryan

Our streamlined approach partners law enforcement, children and family services, social workers, medical professionals, victim advocates, prosecutors, therapists and volunteers under one roof, and preserves the best evidence for investigators. Whenever possible, children tell their story once to a highly trained forensic interviewer who knows the right questions to ask in a way that does not re-traumatize the child. The child connects to a victim advocate, gets one medical exam, and meets with a therapist. Team members work together to provide the child and family the support services they need—all the way through trial and beyond.

NCA web sheet

If you suspect that a child is being abused, call Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-342-3720