For Kids and Teens


If you are being abused, tell someone you trust, like a parent, teacher, grandparent or other adult. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or can involve neglect (lack of food, clothing and shelter).

As children and teens, you should be aware of what abuse is and how to stay safe.

Stay Safe

No one – it doesn’t matter who it is - should ever see or touch the private parts of your body unless it’s to keep you clean and healthy. You have the right to protect your body from anyone including your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, priest, coach – anyone! It should also be that persons job to help you stay clean and healthy (for example, a doctor’s job is to keep us healthy). If anyone tries to do this or touches you in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable:

  1. Say NO
  2. Run to the closest safe adult
  3. Tell them what happened

Be Aware

  • Review the definitions of abuse given on this website
  • Talk to your parents or other adults you trust about child abuse and safety.
  • Print the safety plan and fill it out with your family or an adult you trust so you know exactly what to do in an emergency.
  • Review our resource list of books and websites for more information on safety. (link to book resource list w/o parent section)

Remember, most of the time, children are sexually abused by someone they know and trust. If you are being abused, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

You can talk to someone who can help you!

If you are in danger or someone you know is in danger, call 911 now!

If you need help or need to talk with someone, the people at these agencies can help you.

McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center (315) 701-2985
Vera House Crisis Line (315) 468-3260 or (315) 422-7273
Crisis for Deaf Community (TTY) (315) 484-7263

Non-mandated Reporter Hotline (315) 422-9701
Mandated Reporter Hotline (315) 422-9840

Child Protective Services Open Case Inquiry (315) 435-2884

Abused Persons Unit
Syracuse City Police (315) 435-3016
Sheriff (315) 435-3092

Family Transitions (Elmcrest) (315) 463-9413
Hiscock Legal Aid (315) 422-8191


If you suspect that a child is being abused, call Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-342-3720